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Unique Value of TAETEA OTA

  • Origin,O

    Taetea Pu'er - Grown in the New Six Famous Tea Mountains - Menghai, Yunnan
    Taetea Pu'er is grown at: East Longitude: 99A 56' — 100” 41'North Latitude: 21" 28' 22" 28'
    New Six Famous Tea Mountains Our tea mountains Bada and Bulan, part of the New Six Famous Tea Mountains in Menghai, just south of the Mekong River in Xishuangbanna, are the ideal locations for growing Pu'er tea. This soil in this region is rich with volcanic materials and high in nutrients, this makes excellent Pu' er growing terroir. 

  • Technology,T

    High quality Pu'er is about 30% plant genetics and 70% is due to other processing factors.' Menghai Tea Master In 2008 the `Taetea Manufacturing Crafts' ; the post-fermentation process we invented in 1973 was awarded the distinction of: Nationally Protected Intangible Culture and Heritage Product This means that our Pu'er post-fermentation process is officially recognized as a significant contribution to Chinese culture. National Benchmark The creation of the post-fermentation technology was the milestone for Taetea that led to the creation of Ripe Pu' er, famous around the world today. 

  • Age,A

    Taetea Pu'er - Aged Mellow We age Pu' er to improve the taste and value of the tea. Given suitable storage conditions and within the correct time period, the active microbes in Pu' er will affect the taste of the tea liquor. The naturally stringent elements in tea mature and mellow, they grow more rounded and full-bodied for a more enjoyable taste. Optimum Conditions Taetea follows a strict practice of storing several thousand tons of big-leaf maocha in optimum conditions at all times. This ensures that we can create any of our wide range of Pu' er blends to the precise taste our loyal customers expect for generations to come. 

About Tea Home TAETEA Garden Franchise Store

  • Our History

    Tea Home was established in Penang, Malaysia on 4th September 2007. Tea-home mainly sells Chinese Tea online with a convenient and safe system for customers. Tea Home officially join TAETEA franchise store on 1st Jan 2017.

  • Our Behaviour

    We focus on high quality products and provide excellent customer services. We hope to hold a good interaction with customers to exchange tea knowledge; this will help us to upgrade our lovely services.

  • Our Insistence

    All of Tea-Home’s tea are high quality, as the tea(other than Pu-erh Tea) are selected personally. We do focus on high quality Pu-erh Tea, so we become a part of TAETEA family.

  • Our Aims

    Tea Home is trying to promote the Chinese Tea Art Culture to the world. We hope there will be more people aware of the Chinese Tea from Tea-Home and able to cultivate good health from Chinese Tea. We insist to give a good quality product; hopefully the customers can enjoy the best quality of Chinese Tea.